The versatile valley of Gadmen

In summer and winter

The Gadmental has plenty to offer outdoor sports enthusiasts and bon viveurs alike.

The Trift region with its legendary suspension bridge, the Windegg and Trift SAC huts, the Tälli hut with its via ferrata and the Steinalp trail at the Stein glacier are renowned hiking destinations. Trail runners consider the hiking trails in the Gadmental to be a well-kept secret. For climbers, the Wendestöcke mountain with its multiple summits is legendary. Several chapters in the history of sport climbing have been written on the craggy peaks that tower over the valley.

In winter everything revolves around the cross-country ski trails, which come in a variety of lengths. The multi-purpose hall serves as a base and is equipped with changing facilities and a lounge. You can train on the night trail or book a cross-country skiing course if you’re really serious about your sport. The small ski lift provides a little variety and allows children to ski in a relaxed atmosphere. Ambitious skiers are catered for in the form of amazing ski touring peaks that come in varying degrees of difficulty. Those who like to take things at a more leisurely pace can enjoy the twinkling stars that light up the night sky and appear so close that you could almost touch them, or take part in a moonlit hike and enjoy fascinating stories from days gone by. Winter days in Gadmen are notable for their tranquillity, snow and cold temperatures. You’re guaranteed to be entranced and relish being far removed from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Regardless of whether you’re an athlete or bon vivant, Gadmen’s Alpine landscape will make your heart skip a beat in both summer and winter!

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Top 5 Winter

Experience Gadmen in winter

Gadmen cross-country skiing centre

The cross-country ski run in Gadmen is an insider’s tip for all fans of Nordic skiing. A stunning 15 km-long trail takes you through the idyllic forests that line the banks of the Gadmerwasser river. The imposing mountain backdrop, the unique winter landscape and the peace and quiet make cross-country skiing a truly memorable experience here. It’s only a minute’s walk to the cross-country skiing trail from Tomspanorama. On Monday to Friday evenings, a shortened loop is illuminated (7 km), which makes for a stunning experience! If you have a headlamp, you can of course also do a complete lap. Cross-country skiing passes can be purchased in Gadmen’s multi-purpose hall Gadmen or in the Gadmer Lodge.

Child and family ski lift

The Gadmen ski lift is situated in the middle of the village, a mere stone’s throw behind Tomspanorama, and is ideal for small children and families. The ski lift operates daily in the afternoon. The simplicity of the drag lift and the assistance provided by our wonderful lift attendants means that even our youngest guests are able to use the lift independently, which of course adds to their fun. Parents and grandparents will be pleased with the accessibility of the terrain and the ease of use. Refreshment options are available directly on site: in the Alte Post Restaurant by the ski lift or in the Gadmer Lodge.

Winter hiking trail

The breathtaking backdrop of the Gadmer Dolomites and the area’s unique tranquillity make the Gadmen winter hiking trail a very special experience. The winter hiking trail is prepared by a cross-country skiing vehi-cle, which ensures that the trail is walkable in good footwear, without the need for snowshoes. This easy hike, involving only very short ascents, leads from the Fuhren power station to Obermad and takes about an hour to complete. The trail is well signposted and runs behind Tomspanorama. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to see some wild animals. Tip: The Gadmen winter hiking trail also offers guided full-moon and new-moon hikes combined with all the fun of a fondue.

Ski tours in the Susten region

Ski tourers are sure to be in their element from February to the beginning of May. Thanks to their many at-tractive trails, the Gadmental and the Susten region are the perfect place for a week’s ski touring. Specific classic tours could include the Giglistock, Graustöckli, Uratstock, Gwächtenhorn, Tierberge, Fünffingerstöcke and Sustenhorn, for example. Tomspanorama is the perfect starting point for unforgetta-ble ski tours.

Birchlaui sledging run

The sledging run on the Birchlauistrasse is situated some two kilometres from Tomspanorama. The best way to get there is to follow the winter hiking trail (towards Fuhren) straight to the start of the sledging run. The trail leads from the Tälli cable car’s base station to the Birchlaui mountain. The ascent is definitely worth the effort because you’ll enjoy a wonderful descent after your hike! Parking spaces are available at the Tällibahn’s base station if you wish to drive to the start of the sledging run.

Top 5 Summer

Experience Gadmen in summer

Hike to Gadenlauisee

The hike starts right at the front of Tomspanorama and takes about five hours (there and back). The route to the mountain lake transports you to another world and the mountain lake itself is an absolute gem. It’s a must-see for any active visitor to the mountain village of Gadmen. You need to be in good physical condi-tion and be properly kitted out to engage on this mountain hike along natural paths. The trail leads from the village of Gadmen to the shaded side of the valley,. and then ascends through pleasantly shaded wood-land. The many blueberry bushes are likely to tempt you to take a short break along the way. The trail climbs higher and higher. You reach the treeline at the alpine hut by Hubel and the landscape is transformed into expansive moorlands. Clamber up the final, strenuous, steep section – you’ll need to use your hands to help you in some rocky places, but the route is safe – and you’ll have reached your destination, the shimmering green Gadenlauisee. Far from the traffic in the pass down in the valley, you can enjoy the unique tranquillity. The lake is situated at the foot of the massive Radlefshorn. The other side of the valley offers the imposing panorama of the Gadmer Dolomites.

Hike to the Trift rope suspension bridge

A hike to the Trift bridge is an absolute must! The Trift cable car, approx. 4 km from Tomspanorama, takes you on an adventurous trip across the Trift gorge to the glacier valley of the same name. The summit station is the starting point for the one-and-a-half-hour hike, which culminates in the crossing of the Trift bridge. The rope suspension bridge is 170 metres long and 100 metres high. Walking across it does require a little courage, but you’ll be rewarded by amazing views of the turquoise-coloured glacier lake and the tongue of the Trift glacier. Instead of taking the same route back, you can make a detour to the Windegghütte via the “Ketteliweg” or the “Familienweg”. The descent from the Windegghütte to the Trift cable car’s summit station requires a certain degree of sure-footedness. It is advisable to purchase your tickets for the Trift cable car online at

Raflue to Gadmen hike

The Tälli cable car, which is two kilometres from Tomspanorama, takes you up to the Restaurant und Berghaus Tälli. From there, the high-level hike in the shadow of the mighty Gadmer Dolomites leads from the Tälli via Alp Raflue down to the mountain village of Gadmen. The hike can, of course, also be done in the opposite direction if you prefer hiking up rather than down. Dry grasslands and pastures, robust live-stock breeds, cairns and floodplain projects allow the valley to flourish as a habitat. The hike takes about three hours to complete. Tickets for the Tälli cable car can be purchased on the spot at the base or summit stations.

Tälli via ferrata

Switzerland’s first via ferrata transverses the middle of the Gadmer Dolomites. At around 600 m in length, it is one of the longest and most spectacular via ferratas in Switzerland. The starting point for the via ferrata is the Restaurant und Berghaus Tälli, which can be easily reached by the Tälli cable car, 2 km from Tomspano-rama. The via ferrata is open from July to October when weather conditions permit. A safe ascent is guaranteed on the 78 m of ladders, 550 pins set in concrete and ample fixed ropes. You descend down the rear of the Gadmerfluh, via Sätteli and return to the Berghaus Tälli. The route offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the Gadmental. The necessary equipment is available to hire from the Berggasthaus Tälli if you do not have your own.

Children’s paradise and Schwarzenbrunnen barbecue area

If you fancy spending a few enjoyable hours with your family in the great outdoors, this paradise is exactly what you’re looking for. The beautiful surroundings, with their well-maintained forest, extensive space and small mountain stream are the perfect spot to relax and the ideal playground for children. The barbecue area is located 2 km east of Tomspanorama in Obermad and is easy to reach on foot. The site features a pretty log cabin, benches, tables, wood, a water supply and even a toilet. The entire facility can be used free of charge, on condition that you leave it tidy and dispose of your rubbish. Please be aware that motor vehicles are not permitted on the forest road, so take your bicycle or go on foot.